I am a quantitative ecologist with a background in marine and environmental biology and statistics. 

I am most interested in the movement ecology of animals - mainly swimming, diving and flying animals.

More generally, I like using statistical methods to learn about pattern and process in the ecology and biology of animals.


I am a Newton International Fellow hosted by the School of Biology at the University of St Andrews and a research associate at Nelson Mandela University's Institute for Coastal and Marine Research in South Africa.


I am working primarily with Lars Boehme from SMRU and also with colleagues from CREEM.

I'm part of the School of Biology's Equality and Diversity committee as a postdoctoral representative. I am also involved in R-Ladies Cape Town, a regional chapter of R-Ladies Global.



  • My Royal Society Newton International Fellowship is drawing to an end at the end of this month and I'll be starting a new project in August.

  • I had such a good time at vISEC 2020 that I forgot to say anything about it! It was a brilliant demonstration of how virtual conference can work. Very very well done to the organisers.

  • Even though we've been at this a while, COVID-19 isn't over. Stay safe everyone.

Recent Publications


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